Signs of late adolescence and 15 ways to successfully overcome it

المراهقة المتأخرة late adolescence

Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

30 June، 2021

Late adolescence is a person’s attempt to go back in time to resist the feeling of fear and anxiety of old age or death,

A condition that may affect either men or women appears after the age of forty or fifty.

This problem appears when close people, such as friends or life partners, notice the changes that occur to this person because of these changes.

It does not affect this person only, it could affect his dependents too, such as his life partner or his children, they may pay the price of these changes Which, in many cases, may affect the stability of the family.

SO, We will present some of its reasons.

13 Causes of late adolescence:

1. Strict upbringing full of restrictions and controls for a teenager makes his repression explode after liberation from rules.

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2. The severe deprivation of the adolescent’s family from practicing some desires appropriate for their generation, such as dressing and behavior such as listening to music loudly.

3.  Increasing responsibilities on adults, which increases stress on them.

4.  Feeling that age has passed without the full enjoyment of youth.

5.  Feeling regret over choices made in early life, and sometimes a feeling of indifference.

6.  Feeling of weak physical abilities and the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles with an increase or decrease in weight.

7.  Diseases that are a disease of aging.

8. Dissatisfaction with the achievements in the previous period of life.

9.  Dissatisfaction with your current life partner and evaluating it based on your current desires.

10. The mind does not stop asking deep and existential questions that do not answer, making a person depressed.

11. When a person is lonely, either with the preoccupation of the life partner away from him or with psychological separation from each other, even if he is married or has a partner.

12. When a person feels that his suffering and the years of his life that he has spent did not achieve what he wanted to achieve or is not satisfied with what he accomplished in his life.

Signs of late adolescence:

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      1. A person’s constant feeling of boredom with his life.

    2. Constant desire to discover everything new.

    3.  Going back to some old hobbies and nostalgia.

    4.  Loss of passion for what he currently owns or does in terms of a job or life partner.

    5. Wear clothing that may not be appropriate for the age or the job.

    6.  Extreme frustration with the person’s current situation compared to others, which is often unfavorable.

    7. Escaping from responsibility and keeping a person away from any obligations he may have committed himself.

    8. Rebellion in general about the routine actions that the person was doing.

    9. End or give up some relationships.

    10.  Frequent disagreements with a life partner.

    11.  Deliberately running away from facing problems and proving that he is an unreliable person.

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    12.  Permanent comparison with the current situation and what a person dreamed of, even if the dream was impossible.

    13. Make some rash decisions without feeling remorse.

    If you are going through this stage or your partner or close person is going through it. Here are some ways to deal with it.

    15 Ways to get past late adolescence:

    1.  Attention and containment from those around you.

    2.  Listening well without blaming or being judgmental.

    Senior companions having talk in cafe while enjoying tasty dessert

    3.  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings to not be a reason to lose your previous achievements with any rash decision or excessive enthusiasm.

    4.  Accept your current state and accept that a bit of failure is okay.

    5. Search for realistic dreams, and set yourself specific times and standards to achieve them.

    6. Arrange your priorities to fit your current life circumstances.

    7. Regain your self-confidence and benefit from your experience to provide your strength points.

    8.  Participate in new activities and hobbies to increase the feeling of happiness and pleasure in your life.

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    9.  Others accept a little bit of harmless recklessness like traveling and changing your dress style.

    10. Be patient and flexible when modifying your life to be better and make your current life a value and purpose.

    11. Trust all your past accomplishments, even if they are small because they will encourage your satisfaction with yourself.

    12.   Get rid of negative relationships and take care of yourself and those around you, and spread joy in your life.

    13. Be grateful for the blessings surrounding you, whether family, friends or a good sound that attracts you.

    14. Practice meditation and light sports to get rid of anxiety or depression and raise your level of focus and health.

    15.  Share your feelings with a life coach or a professional to help you deal with the changes that affect you.

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    Our life is not without constant challenges, and sometimes it is beyond our energy, so we must be aware of our decisions and desires so that they do not negatively affect us and those we love.  Its beauty is an age stage, so enjoy it and make it the best in your life, as it will never come back again. Make it unique and make you happy.

    If you feel some behavioral changes that may be bothering you

    We are here to work together.

     Call now.



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