My way of coaching is to empower you to become the leader you want to be.

“Close the gap between where you are today & where you want to be”.

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About Me

Life coach Shahar Sherif

Let me tell you more about myself!

My name is Shahar Sherif, and I’m an American Egyptian coach, and consultant currently residing in the USA’s Washington DC area. I am a social person, and I love to read, write, and be among friends. I love creativity and development and am passionate about constantly learning something new.

Who are we

According to the latest mental health and NLP theories, we are a developmental and stimulating website that helps self-development, improves human relationships, and eliminates self-sabotage and self-flagellation.

How May I Help You?

Personal Sessions

I became a life coach to make a positive impact on people’s lives by conducting coaching sessions (in-person or online) to help them enhance their lives.


Personal Development Program

Personal development is a program to improve your life and achieve success, satisfaction, and happiness by removing distractions and staying focused on your goals.


Self-sabotage Protocol

Self-sabotage occurs when people hinder their own success. While it seems surprising, most people undermine their good intentions and long-term goals.


Marital Relations Consultants

Marriage is a sacred bond for building a stable family. Identifying and achieving common goals is key to a strong marriage bond.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is a life coach?
  • A coach or life coach helps you make improvements in your life, get out of lingering situations and feelings and acts as an influential, supportive, reliable, inspirational, and cheerful friend rather than a counselor at the same time.
  • A life coach helps you transform your life and be more manageable, flexible, and realistic throughout your journey to be a better version of yourself.
  • Life Coach allows you to live, work, and perform to your full potential and see a brighter future and a more vital life by inspiring you with better choices in your personal and professional lives.
  •  As a team, we become partners, inspiring and motivating you to change for the better in life in most areas.
Why Does Everyone Need a Life Coach?

The world now recognizes the importance of coaching in most areas, such as managers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes, to reach the highest level of success in their lives and areas of specialization. Since our life is a series of beliefs and behaviors based on them and the results that affect our reality and our relationship with the world, we need a life coach.

Therefore, We specialize in this field in particular.

  • First, it is coaching in the sense of wellness (in general and not medically) at all levels of your life, far from any medical or diagnostic field.
  • Second, we help people progress to achieve more significant improvement in their relationships, job performance, and daily life with happiness, progress, and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of Life Coaching?

1-Seeing life from a different perspective, away from opinions and experiences that consume and limit your thinking.

2- Recognizing your strengths, weaknesses, and personal traits strengthens your ability to think and influence others and increases self-awareness.

3-Increase your Self-confidence and discover creativity in the depths of the subconscious mind.

4- Creating a balanced life formation for a harmonious relationship with your physical and psychological being.

5- Improving your communication skills and relationships and providing mutual satisfaction in life, from marriages to friendships.

6-achieve your goals and crystallize dreams into reality with systematic plans that can be implemented.

7-Helping you Get rid of the negative thoughts and overcome them.

8- Getting rid of bad habits and making better decisions.

9- Learn how to show appreciation and empathy.

10- Reduce stress and reduce depression.

11- Increase physical and psychological levels well. 

What makes us unique?

Because we believe that the internationally accredited academic study assures our clients that we have obtained academic research and professional training and that we are serious in our dealings with clients and also about life coaching as a profession,

So, we made sure to become professional life coaches under the umbrella of the study Specialized where not everyone can be a life coach or practice this profession,

We mainly rely on academic, technical, and internationally accredited studying.

My Articles

Behaviors to protect your marriage before it is too late.

Marriage stands as the most crucial relationship of all.  As we know, In maintaining a happy marriage, it's important to acknowledge that spouses experience ups and downs, which may result from a lack of awareness or misunderstandings. To prevent the situation...

What are the Signs of an Unhealthy Marital Relationship?

It is necessary to realize that marriage, despite its importance in our lives for stability and building a family, is a relationship that, like all relationships, faces challenges and disagreements. However, the constant presence of these disagreements between spouses...

Discover the signs of self-sabotage and how to overcome it

Self-sabotage is a term that means that the person himself is the reason for his lack of development and the obstacle to his happiness through some of his behaviors and feelings that lead to obstructing any progress in his life. Self-sabotage is a typical behavior...

How to build mental resilience and psychological resilience?

Psychological and mental resilience is a degree of psychological maturity that makes you respond to life's challenges appropriately to deal with them. It includes realizing how and when to act according to your surroundings and abilities in every life condition....

Stressful Relationship and Treatment Strategy

Whether your marriage has been going on for years or months, the stressful relationship is a common thing, and this means that the spark of glow that was at the beginning of the relationship has gone out, that something is missing and interest in your partner has...

What it means to live a good life and 50 inspirational quotes about it

My most important goal as a life coach is to help clients know and determine the best ways to live reasonably and dignifiedly in a way that suits their abilities, environment, and community. The meaning of the good life This phrase is not so much about living a long...

Why should you choose an ICF Certified Life Coach?

Do you feel stuck in your life and need a guide to achieve your goals? Do you want to develop and balance your personal and professional skills? An experience with an ICF-certified life coach may be the answer you're looking for. ICF certified trainers possess a high...

3 Basics You Need To Know About Marital Counseling

When may we need marital counseling? Marriage may seem ideal for everyone who desires a stable life and future family success. But the challenges lie in defining and achieving common goals for both parties and building a solid marriage bond, and this does not mean...

10 ways to avoid Hoarding and all its messiness

Did you walk into someone's house and find it stacked up to the point of a messy hoarding? Is your closet full of old clothes you haven't worn in years and can't give up? Has your home, office, or garage turned into narrow hallways that meander through piles of messy...

10 ways to resist the fear of the future.

  Do you have a Fear of the Future? Does this concern go beyond average and logical limits? Has your fear of the future turned into an unjustified terror? Do you worry about the future in general without being associated with a specific future event? Is your fear...

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