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Let me tell you more about me! My name is Shahar Sherif, and I’m an American Egyptian coach, and consultant currently residing in the USA’s Washington DC area. I am a social person, and I love to read, write and be among friends. I love creativity and development and am passionate about constantly learning something new.

Who are we

According to the latest mental health and NLP theories, we are a developmental and stimulating website that helps self-development, improves human relationships, and eliminates self-sabotage and self-flagellation.

How Can I Help You?


Personal Sessions

I chose to be a life coach because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives through life coaching sessions (in person or online) with clients to help them improve their lives.


Personal Development Program

Personal development is a comprehensive program to change your life for the better and get rid of the distraction that makes you lose the compass to achieve your goals and reach your life to the highest level of success, satisfaction, and happiness in your life.


 Self-sabotage protocol

The self-sabotage snare is an explanation for understanding why we feel compelled to act against our interests. It occurs when the unhappy experiences in our lives are more familiar than the happy ones.


Marital Relations Consultants

As a marital relationship counselor, I know that marriage is a sacred bond for every person who wants to have a prosperous and stable family.

Still, the challenges lie when one or both parties cannot identify and achieve their common goals and build a strong marriage bond.

What my Clients are saying

Live Coach Shahar Sharif

From the first time I worked with her, I found an evident passion for her work. She is a good listener and studies deeply what she does with you during the coaching session.Because she has studied more than one branch of coaching, she knows how to work with the client, absorb the client’s capabilities, and help him by strengthening his weaknesses.

Hana Hijazi

Do You Want to Improve Your Life and Relationships?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My way of coaching is to empower you in becoming the Leader you want to be.

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