What is lack of self-love and how to get rid of it.

What is lack of Self-love and how to get rid of that feeling.

الإرهاق في العلاقة stressful relationship

Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant.

Whether your marriage has been going on for years or just a few months, it’s common to experience relationship fatigue. This can mean that the spark or glow that was present at the beginning of the relationship has faded, something feels missing, and your interest in your partner has dwindled even though your love for them used to run deep. Just know that you’re not alone.

What is the feeling of burnout in a relationship?

It is a hidden, sneaking feeling that occurs slowly, unnoticed by partners, and is the opposite of betrayal and deception, which leads to an explosion, a clear break, and a rift in the relationship.Relationship burnout begins with minor conflicts or minor repeated disappointments that are overlooked and unresolved disagreements. Over time, these feelings build up and swell, even though you may not be able to pinpoint a clear cause for their occurrence. Fatigue in a relationship begins with small conflicts or frequent small disappointments that have been overlooked, unresolved disagreements, and over time these feelings accumulate and swell, although you can’t pinpoint a clear reason for their occurrence, they are like death from a hundred wounds at first it is difficult to notice wounds, but with increasing wounds, it is impossible to ignore the bleeding that occurs and the relationship is heading toward losing passion, dissatisfaction, and catching mistakes for each other. There is a truth about marriage when the honeymoon phase ends. The marriage collides with the real world. With the length of the marital relationship, fatigue manifests itself in the relationship, as unrealistic romantic ideas about eternal happiness change in some aspects of the marriage relationship, and regardless of the heat of the relationship early on, the extent The long marriage moves the couple away from their romantic beginning. But we must also realize that if they are willing to make the effort, it will improve a lot over time and their relationship will become more committed and intimate let’s start with The feeling of exhaustion that occurs in the relationship when the relationship turns instead of the desire of the two partners to be together into a conviction to accept what is available and familiarity with the feelings of boredom between them, and the fighting in the relationship is more than enjoying it.

How do you recognize stress in the emotional/marital relationship?

  1. When the strength of a relationship dynamic is unbalanced.
  • When one of the partners makes most decisions without considering the other’s feelings.
  • When one of the partners avoided sharing his views for fear of any conflict.
  • When one of the partners is constantly disrespectful toward the other.
  • When there is no equality and justice in the rights and duties between the two partners.
  • When a partner puts a lot of energy into the relationship and gets nothing in return or gets marginal results.
  1. When both parties blame each other.
  • When both parties feel frustrated and disappointed in the relationship.
  • When both parties or one of them catches the other’s mistakes.
  • When the two partners stop working as a team and pit against each other.
  1. When the relationship becomes a continuous battleground, it becomes difficult to maintain peace and harmony.
  • Permanent debate on public issues.
  • Everything about your partner bothers you.
  • Boredom becomes the real cover of the relationship.
  1. That the marriage should be monogamous, meaning that it should not involve the desires of additional partners.
  • That the goal of marriage is just the fear of celibacy or loneliness.
  • The goal is to have children and form a family just to show an acceptable social form.
  • The goal of the relationship is merely financial, in the sense of material benefit from the partner, regardless of the feelings between them.
  • That the marriage took place without giving attention to the desire of one of the parties.

Strategies to deal with relationship burnouts.

  1. Agree on working together as a team to get rid of stress in your relationship.
  2. Maintain verbal communication with loving words that support the acceptance and love of each other partner.
  3.  Physical intimacy is necessary for the health of your relationship because it leads to strengthening the psychological and physical bond between spouses and reduces any existing negativity. Create new rituals and practices that are part of your relationship, such as preparing meals together.
  4. Show appreciation for each other. Who doesn’t like compliments? Praising your partner reinforces your commitment to them and reminds you of the purpose of your presence in the relationship.
  5. Write down the partner’s positive qualities and pay attention to them.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask or explain what you need from your partner.
  7. Set expectations for how you want the relationship to progress and make a list of all the things you would like to change in the relationship.
  8. Regular communication between the two partners to discuss the needs and expectations required of each partner and the other.
  9.  Take care to meet your needs with care to focus on growing independently and finding your passion and dreams.
  10. Stop blaming each other and take individual responsibility for your actions.

Finally, it has been found that relationships contribute to our happiness, rather than the other way around. Therefore, it is important to communicate and ensure that the relationship is worth the effort to maintain its quality. Remember that you and your partner are two individuals, so don’t lose yourself in the relationship. Love and connect, but also maintain a healthy personal identity, and don’t give up your individual goals and objectives. As partners, be eager to achieve your shared dreams and goals.

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