Bad consequences of overeating and 15 steps to get rid of it


Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

16 June، 2021

Is your current weight your ideal weight?

Fat Man Naked Overweight Obesity  - Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

Are you satisfied with your current body shape?

Do you suffer from excess weight as a result of overeating?

Have you asked yourself why you eat?

Do you eat just because you are hungry?


Are you sure? Ok, Ask yourself:

  • How many times have you eaten because you are upset, bored, or nervous?
  • Did you eat to manage sadness, frustration, disappointment, or because you wanted to cry or scream, but you did not?
  • Have you eaten to escape any negative feelings?
  • Did you eat to be patient and bear more than what you can take now?
  • Did you eat because eating is the only friend that makes you happy when you are sad?
  • Have you eaten because the food was the one that heard you?
  • Have you eaten because the food was the one that sees you when you are not visible?
  • Have you eaten because you have been silent and not expressing your opinion, anger, or even your dreams?
  • Have you put your negative feelings on a dessert plate you ate?
  •  How many times have you eaten your daily pressure with an ice cream box or a chocolate bar?
  • Did you eat and you don’t know what you ate and why?


You eat for many reasons that have nothing to do with emptying your stomach or your body’s need for energy and carrying out its vital functions.

The result, unfortunately, is your extra weight and a uterus that lives in a flabby body that does not look like you. 

Man Fat Overweight Fatness Person  - Edurs34 / Pixabay

Well, Another question, How many times:

  • Have you suffered from not being able to wear the clothes you like due to your plump body?
  • Have you been wearing elegant and expensive clothes, but you are not satisfied with the shape of your body while you are wearing these clothes?
  • Have you lost confidence in yourself because your body shape is not consistent?
  • Have you liked an outfit and couldn’t find your size?
  • Did you accept the reality and wore oversized clothes?

 Well, Another question, How many times:

  • Did you take a walk and you couldn’t because your health and your body let you down?
  •  Have you followed a diet and didn’t supplement it and failed?
  • Did you apologize for hiking with your friends?
  • Have you suffered from shortness of breath due to excess weight?
  • Did you attend the gym and have different excuses not to exercise?


Mother Daughter Eating Sad Mom  - leemurry01 / Pixabay

You deprived yourself of the food you want.

You deprive yourself of the clothes you wish to.

You missed a lot of good times with your friends.

You lived the life of the elderly while you were in your youth.

In the end, you feel like, 

Is the world not satisfied with the pressure of daily life on you?

Or the responsibilities that you carry more than you can handle?

But adds to it deprivation of the food you love.

And the clothes you want to wear.

also has dissatisfaction with yourself, appearance, or health.

You fall into the trap that you used to see your parents in it for a long time, and you always used to say you won’t be like them. 

Then you found yourself running after hundreds of dieting regimes, weight loss doctors, or doctors of pressure, diabetes, and obesity diseases.

And continue to live dissatisfied with your health or your body.

Hamburger Big Size Lunch Food  - PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

You think of yourself as comfortable when you eat but more tired, and you discovered too late that the anger and stress did not end with overeating.

Unfulfilled dreams are not fulfilled by overeating Because overeating is a delusion, a drug that made you accept problems and not solves them.

It was a chronic addiction, a sedative, a liar, a fraud that deludes you with happiness but steals it from you, making you feel fake joy.

Overeating will make you pay for it from your health, your looks, your excess weight, and your self-satisfaction.

Also, From your money and your life quality. 

What do you do to not fall into the trap of overeating?

Before eating, think about why you want to eat and follow this. If you are hungry,

1. You should eat everything you desire.

2. Do not deprive yourself because deprivation is counterproductive.

3. You should eat everything good for your health.

Buffet Food Sri Lankan Food  - KavindaF / Pixabay

4. Should chew the food well and slowly.

5. You must make your mind and tongue taste the food and use your sense of taste well.

6. Enjoy food and not swallow food to fill the emptiness in your stomach.

7.  You should stop eating as soon as you feel full.

8. You should drink plenty of water and replace soda with water.

9. You should not go shopping for food when you are hungry.

10. You should treat your food as a benefit to your body and a pleasure to your mind, not as a solution for your life’s problems.

11. You should eat small meals throughout the day not to reach the point of hunger that makes you overeat.

If you are not hungry, Be aware of what the problem is and don’t go to eat to avoid facing it, then do the following,

 1.  Avoid sending negative messages to yourself and stick to the positive.

 2.  Pause for a minute before eating and change the eating environment.

 3.  Drink water before eating and write down what you ate throughout the day to know what you ate.

4.  Changing reactions to stress and life problems to resist them other than food.

5. Find out what motivates you to eat without feeling hungry.

6.  Prevent negative feelings about your body or health and express what bothers you with something other than food.

7. Training to distract the mind from the desire for food and control the emotions that push you towards eating.

8. While eating, do not distract yourself by watching TV, talking on the phone, or eating in front of the computer.

Kids Yoga Relaxation Nature  - omash8888 / Pixabay

9. Reduce your stress and anxiety.

10. Do some exercise, yoga, and meditation to get over your fears.

11.  Spend a pleasant time with some friends.

12.  Do your favorite hobbies because they help you overcome the false feelings of hunger.

13. Take a break and establish a routine for it.

14. Prevent yourself from overworking. 

15. Go to a specialized life coach that helps you get rid of the suffering of negative feelings.

You must realize that overeating is a closed cycle of frustration, loss of hope, self-confidence, and dissatisfaction with yourself, and increases your inner suffering. It will not make you satisfied with your body, your health, or your life.

Food is created for the benefit of our bodies and our happiness.Please do not use it against you. Prevent yourself from falling into the overeating trap.

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