How to face the most common psychological Stress

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Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

1 March، 2021

Stress is the most common internal pain these days due to the many pressures of life and the control of the material world in most of our lives these days.

Stress is distinguished as a feeling that occurs when the mind and the body respond to any imposed demands and feel that it is more significant than its capabilities, whether from the person himself or others.

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Stress is one of the human feelings that enables a person to deal with difficulties and situations in life, and sometimes it is an incentive to overcome obstacles.

However, The problem occurs when you make him feel that his duties are beyond his physical, psychological, or human capabilities in general and regardless of the importance or reality of these responsibilities.

Causes of stress:

1- Life-threatening situations, whether by confrontation or escaping and withdrawing from these situations.

 2- The environment surrounding a person that makes him bear what he cannot bear.

 3- When a person thinks about things he cannot control.

 4- When a person is compelled by to accept or reject ideas or things that contradict his beliefs.

 5- When a person exceeds himself financially, and debts accumulate on him.

6- When a person’s financial duties exceed his income.

7- When a person works for long periods or works in a stressful job.

8- If a person does not give his body enough time to rest.

9- Not having the skill to control emotions and behaviors in some situations.

Stress in these cases is usually a reaction, and a person usually suffers from types of tension depending on the situations he is going through.

There are two types of stress:

  First, Acute Stress:

Stress: the most common psychological disturbance
 It is related to thinking about the near future, the present, or the recent past because this tension is associated with the reality of these events and ends with their end.


Second, chronic stress:

This type of stress is associated with long-term or permanent problems such as incurable diseases, poverty, or ongoing family problems.

In this case, the person cannot find a solution or even escape, so the person gets used to stress and may also push him to some violent behavior, addiction, suicide, or the person develops incurable diseases due to this chronic stress.

We will show you some signs of stress:

 1- Lack of interest in life matters.

 2- The inability to persevere and succeed.

 3- Loss of humor.

 4- Loss of ability to enjoy with others or with his life.

 5- Feelings of loneliness and neglect.

 6- Lack of desire and ability to establish social relationships,

 7- Aggression and nervousness in dealings with others,

 8- Depression and permanent sadness.

 9- Overthinking several things at once and not being able to stop.

 10 Loss of ability to focus.

 11- Nail biting.

 12- Disordered eating behaviors, either excessive or abstaining.

 13- Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or smoking.

 14- Crying for no reason.

 15- Fear and impatience.

 There may be some signs that reveal the owner of stress, and we will explain some of them:


 1- Headache and chest pain.

 2- high blood pressure.

 3- Irregular breathing

 4- A fast heartbeat.

 5- Sleep disturbance, either sleeping for long periods or not sleeping.

 6- Problems related to the practice of sexual relations.

 7- Feeling sick or having problems with the functions of the digestive system.

 8- A faster possibility of developing some tumors.


There are unique feelings felt by someone who suffers from stress, with which his suffering increases, even if this person tries to hide that suffering, such as:

 1- Loss of the person’s ability to get along with himself or with the surrounding society.

 2- Disturbance in emotional relationships with a constant feeling of fear.

 3- Feeling persecuted by others.

 4- Loss of ability to control emotions.

 5- Inability to express desires and feelings in balance.

 6- Fear of the future and obsessive thoughts.

 7- Impulsive and reckless behavior.

Most people who feel stressed in general in their lives need a lot of help so that their stress level decreases because they always do not trust their abilities or their decisions, which makes the tension exacerbate and reach its highest levels, but no problem has no solution.

Stress: the most common psychological disturbance

Therefore, We will explain some of the mechanisms for de-stressing:

 1- Develop plans to deal with fears and expectations.

2- A person’s awareness of his financial and physical capabilities and circumstances and dealing based on them.

3- Learn the skills of calming yourself when you start feeling stressed.

4- Optimism, belief in the future, and the ability to face future challenges.

5- Moral support from those around you.

6- Have a sense of humor and a lot of positive thoughts.

 7- Building social relationships and effective communication with others.

 8- Get enough sleep.

 9- Doing relaxation exercises, sports, or yoga.

10- Maintaining a balanced life in general.

 11- Not to be full of sorrows and to talk to those close to you.

 12- In case of need, ask for help from a specialist or life coach.

 In the end,

You must know that stress is evil and makes you worse because it makes you lose your satisfaction with yourself.

Stress is a thief that steals your soul from you and steals you from what you love and from those who love you.


Stress is a demon that controls you and restricts your freedom and prevents you from enjoying your life. It does not change reality or solve problems. On the contrary, be conscious and positive in your life. Nothing stays forever. Be confident in yourself and your abilities to face challenges in your life.

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Reference: INLP Center


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