Tips to choose the perfect future life partner

اختيار شريك الحياة المستقبلي future life partner

Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

23 February، 2021

 Have you asked yourself what are the specifications of your future partner?

 Have you asked yourself as a girl why you should know the specifications of this partner?

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Do you have a clear and specific vision of the general and private specifications of your partner?

 Do you know what you are looking for exactly?

 If not, it’s the time!

Because you are simply looking for a life partner who will help you provide happiness, love, and success to your future families

15 Steps to a successful and happy married life

It matches your human and biological needs, your dreams, and the dreams of your children as well

Therefore, choosing the ideal life partner does not mean at all that he is in general ideal person because that is impossible

But it means the ideal that is suitable for you as a party in the marital relationship

In another meaning

From the right partner or partner for you and for your life, you and no other person, no matter how close the relationship is

Therefore, this life partner must be distinct from others for you and in proportion to your distinction in the positive qualities and what you can bear from some negative qualities in your partner and can he also bear it from you so that you are able to form a happy life and a stable family

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And because you are the person responsible for choosing a partner on this life journey

You are also the bearer of the result of this choice, at least at the beginning of the marriage, because in the future and accordingly, your children and your extended family will bear the result of this decision, even if they are not partners or decision-makers in this choice.

And because it is usual and expected that some minor problems or disagreements will occur in marital life, and this is a normal thing

All we are trying to do is how to avoid as many of these differences as possible, and even if they occur, they are within the framework of affection and mercy, and the aim is to improve the level of the common future for this family.


You must specify the general specifications of your partner and what are the moral, physical, social, scientific, and psychological specifications that make someone, in particular, the first candidate to be a partner

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 Your life and right for you

Because handsome, wealthy, or muscular men are not necessarily the right ones in real married life.

Neither are the beautiful girls who are slim and rich, or who belong to famous families, who are necessarily the princesses of dreams or are suitable as life partners.

Because the initial fascination that occurs in the first encounters withers and ends with its lust, and only the character and morals on the basis of which the quality of the relationship is formed.

Therefore, we will explain 10 general qualities that must be considered in choosing a partner or life partner

 1- He must be a man who understands the true meaning of manhood and has most of its qualities

 2- To be loyal, honest, and generous

 3- He loves his partner and his family and treats them well

 4- Diet, affectionate, humble, and patient

 5- Self-reliant and ambitious

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ArtRose / Pixabay

 6- He has a cheerful and optimistic personality

 7- He has the ability to adapt, continue and be flexible in his dealings

 8- He respects the rights of his wife and is firm and aware of his responsibility to lead his family

 9- To be calm and wise in his emotions to make his wife feel safe in marriage

 10- He can show feelings of love and romance to his partner

These qualities apply to the woman when the man chooses her to be his life partner, taking into account the social, financial, and educational compatibility, because each of the two partners must see in his life partner the appropriate parent for his children


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You must define well the specifications of a partner or life partner so that you do not end up making a fatal mistake by marrying someone who is not suitable for you, which makes the situation at best just adapting to a difficult life or living a silent married life empty of love or ending in separation and regret age  And the love that was.


You have to spend your whole life with this person, even in cases where there is a lot of passion, love, and romance.  At first because in reality, these feelings will be replaced by real affection and friendship.

Therefore, before the journey of searching for a partner or life partner, you must take some crucial and important points in your life, and you should be aware of these points and say them to yourself before others and out loud as well.

 1- Do not let your biological clock and the desire to have children control your life and push you to enter into a marital relationship with an unknown person.

 2- Think about your human and social needs that will help you in the success of your future

 3- Be aware and open about what you are looking for in your partner

 4- Be very clear about the necessary qualities that your partner should have

 5- Code and treat your partner as he is now, not as he wants or as he wishes it to be

 6- Do not neglect to know your partner’s past, as it is an excellent key to what will happen in the future

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 7- Do not neglect to know the nature of your future partner’s relationship with his family

 8- Make sure there is a quick understanding and a mutual spiritual connection between you and your future partner

 9-If you find the right person and psychological comfort or human compatibility is not available during the period of acquaintance, it is better to end the relationship because it will not last

10- During the period of acquaintance, be aware of the way the person deals financially or in cases of anger or difference of opinion because it is a clear indication of what may happen in the future, so do not ignore it

 In the end

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Choosing the right life partner is not a difficult dilemma, nor is it an impossible dream, but it is a decision that requires a lot of awareness of what suits you and deliberation in choosing without being drawn into exaggerated romantic feelings or being drawn into material specifications and false appearances that are devoid of affection and mercy.

 If you find it difficult to determine the specifications of a partner or life partner or feel a lack of confidence in your choices

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