Traits of provoked person and 20 ways to deal with it

provoked person

Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

16 September، 2021

Have you ever been provoked?
Did the person who provoked you make you feel unhappy with yourself?
Did he make you act in ways that don’t reflect your personality to defend yourself?The answer is:
This person has negative qualities that make his presence bother you because of the provocative actions that he constantly repeats.

He is simply someone who brings out the worst in you.

Here are some general characteristics of a provoked person:

1- He does not respect any social rules in speaking or behavior and chooses his words according to situations or people.

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2- He speaks in an inappropriate and perhaps crude manner and considers it spontaneous.

3- Arrogant pretends to be perfect and deliberately embarrasses or annoys you in front of others to prove that he is the best.

4- He claims to know all the issues of life and the insides of things without proving this knowledge that he claims.

5– He believes rumors and deals with everything based on prejudices that are not acceptable for discussion.

6- Does not respect the personal boundaries of others and may ask private questions and insist on them even if you refuse to answer.

7– He spoils any enjoyment and sometimes imposes himself on others and cannot be disposed of quickly.

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8- He constantly analyzes the personalities of others, even if he does not know them deeply, and tells them the results of his analysis of their character, claiming complete understanding of them.

9- He is talkative and can’t stop talking about himself and his accomplishments.

10- Often, this person interrupts others when discussing their ideas to make them seem fools or incapable of explaining their vision.

The toxic characters in our lives are a difficult reality to avoid because it could be your neighbor, co-worker, or family member.


It is better not to fill yourself with anger because that will harm your life, but understanding the personality of the provoker and knowing the reasons for resorting to provocative methods in his dealings will make you calm internally and deal with him without having the ability to approach your feelings and behaviors.

Here are the reasons why some people resort to provocative tactics:

1- Draw attention to him with actions or words to alert others and perhaps worry about what he might do.

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2- Attempting to hide his feelings of inferiority and inferiority.

3- His constant feeling of discomfort and inner pain makes him want everyone to feel annoyed and upset.

4- He provokes the nerves of successful people because of his jealousy and hatred for their success.

5- Attempting to prove his superiority and distinction by making fun of others to prove inferior.

6-When the provoked person has some hidden grudges from some people.

7-They have many problems and fail to solve them.

As a result of our feeling upset by the behavior of the provocateurs, we sometimes deal with them in the wrong ways, and the two most critical mistakes in dealing with the provocateurs:

First :

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Dealing with the provocateur in the same way, or perhaps more violently or harsher than the way the provocateur and this method achieves the goal of the provocateur and increases quarrels and arguments.

Second :
It is to ignore the provocation of the provocateur and deal with him as if nothing had happened.


It is better to be calm and develop your skill in responding to annoying people and not letting them live under your skin than attacking them or ignoring them, whether in momentary or long-term situations.

we will explain how to deal with both cases:

The first case:

Traffic Signs Attention Sign Stop  - geralt / Pixabay

Responding to the direct position of the provocateurs:

You must respond to it directly and clearly without hinting or discussing it and follow this rule,
1- Direct rejection of this provocative behavior.
2- Reasons for rejecting this provocative behavior.
3- Warning against repeating the behavior in the future.
Because it will lead you to,
1- Boost your emotional power.
2- Strengthen your ability to think.
3- Choose the right words for the situation.
4- Reducing tension in general.
5- Protect yourself from being emotional.

The second case:

The long-term dealing.
1- Determine the behaviors that provoke you according to your criteria.2- Keep calm and prevent your anger and anger from escalating.

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3- Take care of developing your ability to deal before you bother to stop the provocateur.

4- Do not take the actions of the provocateur personally because they reflect a defect in his personality and not a deficiency in you.

5- Be firm in identifying the behaviors that annoy you and reject them firmly, respectfully, and calmly, as he may not know that he is annoying or that his behavior provokes you.

6-Accept the provocateur to be wise in his treatment and be aware that you are not responsible for his immaturity.

7- Be objective and put your feelings aside to maintain your emotional stability.

8- Focus on the positive aspects of the provocateur to reduce his attack on you;

9- Avoid any argument with the provoked person and pretend that you are preoccupied with something else.

10- Be aware of your feelings, and don’t let anyone have to press your buttons.

11-When arguing with a provocateur, maintain your inner peace to deal wisely so that the situation does not flare up.

12- Keep the distance between you and those who try to provoke you elegantly without knowing so that you do not win his enmity.

13-Do not bother to analyze the reasons for the actions of the provoked person and do not try to correct his course so as not to be more annoying to prove his opinion.

14- Ignore the provoked person and what he says and completely ignore his presence without showing any emotions on your face.

15- Create an atmosphere of formality if you have to deal with a provocateur.

16- In the event of a discussion with the provoked person, make your answers short, one or two words, to avoid your discussion or argument.

17- Unfollow your provocateurs on social media and don’t care about their opinions on them.

Woman View Eyes Hat Hard Annoyed  - Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

18-Forgive their foolish behavior, but don’t forget how to deal with it if it happens again in the future.

19- Don’t let their provocative conversations get you into the cycle of negative talks about yourself. Never overdo your positivity.

20-Learn the skill of managing your stress levels, maintaining your calm and emotional intelligence to maintain everyone’s respect for you.

In the end,

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Accept the reality and the fact that not the whole world will love you and that the difference between you and others will teach you to accept the difference and teach you wisdom in dealing with the behavior of provocative people while maintaining a friendship with them if you want to, especially if they are a family member.

Be smart and take advantage of provocative people because they make you know what your weaknesses are that are easy to move through their provocative actions, so it makes it easier for you to know yourself in a deeper way and get rid of your flaws realistically.

And be sure that without difference and disagreement, the secret of the beauty of life would have disappeared.

Beach Sea Sun Holiday Water Sand  - Rudimaes / Pixabay

So take care of yourself and keep moving forward regardless of the provocateurs, because success is the most powerful weapon against everything that bothers you in life

And be nice to the provocateurs because in the end they are weak and know that you are the strongest.

If you suffer from provocative people or you are a provocative person and want to get rid of this behavior,

contact us to work together.

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