10 tips before making any sacrifice in life

تضحيات الحياه الزوجيه sacrifice in life

Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

9 August، 2021

Do you know what it means to make any sacrifice in life?

It is giving up some of the things that you own or love or want to achieve in the future for the sake of your loved one to reach the best way to continue the quality of the marital relationship.

So ask yourself,

Do you sacrifice a lot for your loved ones?
Does your partner make sacrifices for you too?
Did the many sacrifices turn into duties that extinguished the flame of love?

All of us know there are some sacrifices and concessions from the partners to obtain the gains to strengthen their relationship. Therefore, we called it a positive sacrifice.


One party compromises more than the other, or the sacrifices are exaggerated, such as giving up desires and sacrificing personal ambitions, which causes an imbalance in the marital relationship mixed with frustration and disappointment for the two partners.

These are the negative sacrifices

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We will explain some types of negative sacrifices in marriage:

1- If the sacrifice is essential in the life partner or the one you love does not fulfill most of what you want in your partner.

2- Sacrifice your dignity, values, and correct convictions for the sake of your partner.

3- Sacrifice self-evident needs in life, such as education, keeping friends, or relationships with family.

4- Sacrificing hopes, dreams, and future ambitions is the price for your partner’s satisfaction with you.

5- Sacrificing freedom or the stubbornness of one of the partners in making a decision and forcing his partner to accept and control it.

6- That the sacrifice is apparent to make the partner feel guilty due to the concessions made by his partner to control or humiliate.

7- If one of the partners sacrifices permanently while the other partner is waiting for the continuous sacrifices.

8- If one of the partners sacrifices his life’s privacy and abandons the limits of the healthy relationship with his partner.

9- Sacrificing the social boundaries and allowing others, such as the partner’s family or friends, to interfere in family life or discipline children.

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10- If the sacrifice is without genuine desire, fear the partner’s rejection or reaction.

This concession and negative ambivalence turn into adaptation, compulsion, control, and dissatisfaction with life, yourself, or your partner.

The losses multiply as the sacrifices multiply, and the good feelings change into hatred and mutual regret between the two partners.

But healthy sacrifices are necessary for the marital relationship because it renews the love between the two partners and supports the desire to continue the relationship in balance.

Thus, the common goal becomes the real desire to make each partner happy for their partner.

So these are some positive sacrifices that we must make for our partner:

1- Spend time together.
Such as vacations or canceling some appointments for the partner’s sake; and give up some time for quality time with the life partner.
It does not mean spending all the time together because it will lead to boredom.

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2- Acceptance of differences in moods and personal desires between the two partners.

Such as,

If one of the partners likes quiet, and the other one likes noise or one enjoys traveling, and the other preferences short walks,

some different sleeping habits, some differences in the choice of furniture or decor for their home,

so these are the sacrifices that can please the other party without negatively affecting any partner.

3- Raising children.

Usually, there can be a difference between parenting and discipline partners. Balance is achieved by dividing responsibilities between partners and trusting Beida, putting their children in the best possible position.

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4- Intimate relationship between spouses.
Usually, it is a different desire of men and women due to the hormonal and psychological differences, so through dialogue and the understanding of each partner of the mental and physical nature of the other and the mutual sacrifices between them, they reach a solution that satisfies both parties.

Compromising and sacrificing in relationships requires flexibility and balance between emotions and ideas and the desire to improve the relationship and make life easier, and is also linked to the ability to sacrifice and give.


If you are not ready for any sacrifice with complete will and awareness, or if your offers may threaten your dreams or ambitions, it is better not to go through this experience because it will often make you feel regret or dissatisfied with your partner later or yourself forever.

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So here are some tips before making any sacrifice in life:

1- Take a comprehensive look at the impact of these sacrifices on you and your partner in the long run.
2- Have emotional intelligence and know when and how to make sacrifices.
3- clearly know what kind of sacrifices you can make.
4- The sacrifice should be for the sake of the one you love and not to maintain the relationship with the one you love because the association likes to be a common desire between the two partners.
5- Being able to stop making sacrifices whenever you want.
6– Not to overburden yourself to prove that you are the best partner.
7- Be well aware of the personality of the partner for whom you compromise and sacrifice. Does he appreciate your offers or take advantage of you?
8– Balance between needs and desires and know your priorities that cannot be sacrificed or abandoned

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9- Setting healthy boundaries in the marital relationship and adhering to them gently and firmly.
10- Be well aware of your self-worth, learn from your falt sacrifices, and accept them without exaggeration.


Concession and sacrifice in the marital relationship are essential; still, it should be linked to the balance between the partners and reaching a point of agreement, and mutual satisfaction with their relationship, as the harmonious and long-term marital relationship, is not important to win more or sacrifice more.

It is enough to balance between giving and taking and seeing your partner is grateful,happy with you, and eager to keep you in his life.

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If you feel that those around you do not appreciate your sacrifices and consume you,

contact us and let us work together.



Willard F. Harley, Jr., PhD


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