Causes of indifference and ten ways to get rid of its negatives

اللامبالاة indifference

Written by Shahar Sherif

Life coach and marital relationship consultant. I studied coaching in one of the best American INLP centers, and I am currently lecturing in the same center for Arabic-speaking students.

1 December، 2021

Indifference is a vague emotional, behavioral state that makes a person detached mildly from reality and suppresses all his feelings and does not respond to things and people and acts without interest in all the events around him and also makes him not care about all the affairs or considering any results of his life even if his indifference is working Against hem.

 Dr. Leon F. Selters Says, Indifference is a feeling similar to reality under anesthesia, and unfortunately, we may not recognize it or distinguish it despite our experience with it.

Usually, these people feel that reactions and dealing with the world around them drain their energy, and a feeling of apathy and exhaustion is generated. 

Psychological and physical is like paralysis that prevents them from doing something and kills the passion for doing anything in their lives. Therefore, this feeling is suffering in its ugliest form, even if the indifferent do not realize or recognize it.

Some of the indicators of a person who suffers from apathy.

1- He feels the growing boredom inside him, enjoying unhealthy foods Without feeling guilty.

2- Dealing passively with an unwillingness to change anything undesirable.

3- Lacks motivation and goals to meet life challenges and not to look for alternative solutions

4- He Falls prey to ideas of Negativity.

5- He is Afraid and hesitant in an exaggerated way to avoid failure.

6-He is not sympathetic to any disasters that may affect the world around him or even those close to him.

7- He is satisfied with the role of a spectator and perhaps a cynic without dealing with any happy or sad events he may go through.

8-He has a Lack of confidence in his ability and efficiency.

9-He does not want to spend happy times with family or friends.

10 -Preoccupation with unimportant or productive things to kill their free time without a specific goal, such as video games or watching television.

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Reasons for feeling indifference:


  1. heavy financial losses without the ability to compensate.
  2. Trauma or pain as a result of the death or loss of a loved one.
  3. Exposure to Failure more than once in essential matters in life.

4- Frustration as a result of not achieving the desired expectations.

5- Feeling of despair and loss of hope in reaching ambitions and desires.

6- A defect in beliefs such as loss of faith or ideals.

7- Abuse of some types of drugs.

8- Pattern An unbalanced life such as sleep deprivation and malnutrition.

9- Exposure to chronic depression.

10-Exposure to neglect or deprivation in the early stages of childhood.

The feeling of indifference is one of the unconscious defense mechanisms for us to escape from challenges that are beyond our power, so we may face this feeling at some point in our lives. Internally a kind of hostility towards the world because we think that the world has not placed value on our participation in it.

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How to get rid of the negative influence of indifference on you:

1- Changing the view of the past and learning from failed experiences.


2- Facing oneself and addressing the shortcomings in past behaviors.

3- Facing challenges in life with realism.

4 – Removing the barriers of fear and realizing that the opportunities for success do not end.

5 – Awareness that every win can be reached gradually and creating conditions.

6 – Belief in one’s abilities and prioritize enthusiasm and desire for achievement over negative feelings.

7 – Focusing each person on his advantages and positive aspects so that he feels proud and strives For self-development.

8- Paying attention to personal skills and searching for what distinguishes the person from others.

9- Surrounding the person with superior, optimistic people and fans.

10- Going to a life coach or specialist to help you until your passion and strength return to you. Your existence is.

Regardless of the seasons, it is a personal feeling for personal reasons, but the common factor for everyone who experiences this feeling is the person’s loss of his happiness and the extinguishment of his feelings. 

Therefore, each person must evaluate this feeling from their point of view and direct their behavior from this personal feeling. 

So be sure that frustration and failure first steps to success and also motivate yourself and maintain your passion is born all energy to put your mark in this world. 

If you feel you are not able alone to deal with this feeling, life coaching helps you to get rid of this negative impact.


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